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I am craving the feeling of spicing things up, changing things around, and "hit them with a plot twist" rush.. so instead of my original workshop series in-person at the comfort of my apartment and virtual workshops (as we were forced to do these last 48 months) we're switching it up and hosting a completely different experience... OUTDOORS! How much better can it get than that?

Much more to come soon! Stay tuned!


**for ages 16 - 22 years old

Wednesday, December 15th, 2021

@ 5:00 - 6:00PM EST



Marien Ferreira, 25

Stephanie’s workshop was amazing! It was warm, welcoming and jam packed with good practical information. 

I enjoyed being apart of a group of women who are investing in their personal growth. 10/10 recommended !


Allison Jeffords, 24

I attended Steph's first workshop all about self-love and care. She did an amazing job of making everyone feel loved and comfortable while working through some important yet vulnerable topics. Her encouragement and passion for everyone's health and self-love is unwavering, and is reflected through her workshops. She is amazing!


Stephanie Perez, 25

I attended one of Steph's first workshops. She is so motivating, caring, passionate, intelligent, and encouraging. I absolutely loved learning more about self-care and being aware of my negative self-talk. She teaches you on how to change your negative thinking to positive! Stephi is just the best cheerleader you could ever want! If you need a little pep or are looking to improve your self-love routine, join one of her workshops!


Melanie Vianesa,  19

I loved Steph's workshop about self-care and self-love. First of all it was based on a topic that I think is so important to everyone no matter who you are or what age you are. I felt very included in the group and I loved how hands on and interactive she was - from asking questions to  having us write our thoughts down.

30134A0559 (2)_edited.jpg

Krystyna Morozova,  24

I loved being a part of this workshop! Stephanie puts her soul into creating these and you feel truly special and loved coming in, as each detail of your experience have been though through with YOU specifically in mind! During the workshop, there is an opportunity to express your thoughts, so you can learn and share your opinion or experiences. Highly recommend these workshops to anyone and take yourself on an ultimate “feel good” journey!


I'm curious! What topic would be you be interested in discussing more of?

Thanks for your interest!

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