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Ebbs and Flows

A Grieving Journal

Ebbs & Flows is a comforting grieving journal that provides a safe space to remember loved ones, process feelings at ones own pace, and navigate the highs and lows of grief.


This journal is divided into five tidal forces, inspired by research and personal experiences with the five stages of grief. Every page holds gratitude and mindfulness practice, words of affirmation, and tools to help you cope with loss. It includes various ways to reflect and release your thoughts and feelings through: prompts, coloring pages for your creative side, and unique ways to honor your loved one.

My hope is that this journal will enable and encourage you to process your feelings in peace, at your own pace, and with grace. Your light might have been dimmed by Grief, but it is not here to stay.

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Inside Ebbs and Flows:

I would love to share a peak of what this unique journal has to offer. This is not meant to be followed in order, instead go to the page you need the most through different activities: fill-in the blanks, color-in, repeat words of affirmation, etc.

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