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behind the posts

I'm Stephanie Padron... mostly known as Steph! I was raised in El Salvador, Central America (Fun Fact: it's the smallest country in Central America, it's even smaller than the state of Massachusetts). I went to University of Colorado, Boulder (Sko Buffs!) and majored in Psychology, Sociology, and a Business Minor - might as well finish with a bang! I decided to move to Charlotte, NC almost 3 years ago and pretty much a month after I moved, started my Self-Love journey. 

I enjoy traveling and making road trips ANYWHERE (yes! I love the long drives) - I have gone to 29 countries and 19 states so far... many more to come after this pandemic!! My biggest weakness is dessert! Your girl LOVES bread and sweets, so combining them - a.k.a doughnuts, cakes, cookies, etc. - in my personal opinion is the best invention they've ever made. Also, I LOVE spending time with family! When I'm with them, you can find me catching a little one from falling, changing dirty diapers, pushing the swing like if it were the coolest thing on Earth... you get the point! 

This blog is probably what I never in a million years thought I would have to keep up with - like when I thought about getting a puppy. I enjoy writing here and there, but I was sent to the Writing Center every single week for all 4 years I was in college, so don't expect too much out of me lol. 

Through this blog I plan to share my personal stories, provide the best go-to-tools (in my opinion - or at least what worked on me), and hopefully inspire you to be the best version of yourself, because I know it's already within you. 

Above all... I hope you know that you are already respected, you are already worthy, and you are already LOVED!

With much love, 


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