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You Grow Girl

A gratitude journal allows you to reflect, dive deeper, and love your mind, body, and soul with a stronger purpose. Filled with color, motivational quotes, and words of affirmation, this go-to tool will drive you to start your day off in a positive light. 

If you're thinking, "Woah! I've never even done a gratitude practice before!" or "I've done that once in my life," even maybe "I'm always overwhelmed to start or even buy one" - I promise this one is for YOU!! I made sure this is a simple, light, beginner journal for ANY age, social status, or cultural background. 

Why choose You Grow Girl over other journals?

Listen! I might be biased but, I can confidently say this is a one-of-a-kind journal! Not only did I pour my heart and soul into it, but I created every single page with love and intentionality. One of my most significant selling points is that most of the gratitude journals out there are goal-driven - six months, one year, even ten years from now - and we just never know what's next... so THIS journal is not that!!

You Grow Girl is meant to keep you grounded, keep you living in the present, and appreciating the small or big things around you - as we all should. Not only that, but it caters to ANY timeframe you want to invest in your gratitude practice.

  • Daily Gratitude: Should take 10-15 minutes 

You will have 90 days of daily gratitude practice, where you reflect and intentionally decide to make the most out of your day! This is the purple section.

  • Lightning Round: Should take 3-5 minutes

In case you need to run out because you have a workout to go to or your baby is about to wake up and you only have 3 minutes - I GOT YOU! Head on over to the yellow section. ​​

  • Deep Conversations: Should take 20-30 minutes

If you are looking to dive deeper into your thoughts and feeling inspired - I GOT YOU TOO! Head on over to the orange section. I would encourage you to do this section once a week to take full advantage of the journal.​​​

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